Breaking Down Concert Ticket Charges

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Hidden fees and service charges are creeping up everywhere. From credit card statements to cell phone bills, it seems companies are out to nickel and dime their customers every chance they get.

Our competition is no different; most of the other e-Ticketing companies are determined to sneak in an extra fee or two with each ticket they sell. So, where are all these fees actually going?

In this 2010 Washington Post article, music critic Chris Richards attempts to break down what Washington, DC area venues charge for processing and printing tickets.

A comparison of area venues reveals disparate operating expenses, with some venues collecting profits from their service charges and others using them simply to break even. Add to this ambiguity the differing rates offered to each venue, often based on projected sales.

The confusion can leave customers scratching their heads as if they were trying to decipher a phone bill.

For now, service charges are here to stay, so here’s the Post’s breakdown of fees based on a single gig from leading venues.

Here’s what Gary Bongiovanni, editor in chief of Pollstar, had to say to the Post about it:

“I think the fans feel used and abused. As an industry, it’s extremely disingenuous to do what we do. These fees may exist for reasons that business people understand, but when a fan tries to buy a ticket for $60, and they pull out their wallet and it ends up being 80-something? Just tell them it’s an $85 ticket, so they don’t feel scammed in the process.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. SimpleTix offers three flexible options for building an e-Ticket store that won’t leave your customers feeling used and abused. Our plans start at just $25/month so you can get what you need without passing extra costs on to your customers.

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